"Typically I'm awkward, anxious, and dread taking headshots, but Brandon helped me through the every step of the process. He asked me questions that honed in what I was trying to accomplish, took time to help me pick out specific looks accordingly, referred me to a wonderful make up artist, and then he captured the best pictures of me I've ever seen. Not only did I not feel awkward and anxious, but I had a blast!"


"Shooting with Brandon feels like you are just having fun with a friend. He puts you at ease and it really shows in your photos. He captures the real you.” 


"Brandon made me feel like a star during our shoot; he truly captured my essence in the pictures, whereas most photographers just make it a glamour shot with no truth. He actually directed me, which I love. He helped me create a specific character for each look and I even learned a few tips and tricks!"


"Brandon's friendly, no-nonsense energy allows for such a fun photo session. He's supportive and witty and his ease with his work enables you to relax and enjoy the ride. He has a gift with capturing a person's essence. I always walk away feeling lifted with complete faith that we got something great. I highly recommend booking a session."


“Let me set the scene for you... music, jokes, copious amounts of laughter and a little dancing... shooting with Brandon is like being at a party that revolves around you. He makes it a true celebration of who you are, and there’s no way you won't shine!”


"Getting my headshot taken has always been so uncomfortable; my smile gets awkward, I stiffen up, what do I do with my hands? Brandon always makes me feel comfortable, talks me through the characters I need, and lets me explore in order to feel at ease in front of the camera. He's fun AND professional -- exactly what I need. "


"He’s been the BEST head shot photographer for me in the 30 years I’ve been acting professionally." 


"Shooting with Brandon was like a masterclass in headshots!"

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